Elmo Painter

Psychotherapist, Healer, Life Artist

Psychotherapy & Somatic Experiencing

People often see scars as old wounds, as evidence of damage. I see them as places of healing – a bodily act of self- compassion. The body repairs itself, and the pink and white stripes are proof that even when we are the perpetrators of the damage, we love ourselves on a cellular level enough to mend the places where we’ve been wounded.

As a therapist, I am passionate about:

  • Helping people reach their inner voice and live their most creative life, and have courageous relationships with themselves and others.
  • Through mindfulness and movement, helping survivors of trauma make peace with their bodies, process memories and release energy that is “stuck”, and causing repetitive behavioral, emotional, and relationship patterns, and reclaim their power.
  • Providing space and opportunity for others to learn to live life from a place of internal evaluation so that each decision is made from a place of inner knowing.
  • Accessing intuition and engaging with life authentically and courageously.

Individual Therapy

My theoretical orientation is very eclectic, with a Person-Centered foundation. I utilize tools and perspective from other Humanist, Existential, DBT, Psychodynamic, and Feminist and Multicultural theories. Somatic Experiencing and Emotional Mindfulness are naturally integrated into the work.

Relationship Therapy

I offer counseling for couples, families, non-monogamous/polyamorous relationships of all kinds, friends, creative and/or business partners, and chosen families. I can assist people with understanding, empathy, mediation, conflict management, and trust-building, as well as emotional, sensual, and sexual intimacy – especially for survivors of trauma and their partners.

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

SE is a process that utilizes mindfulness and perception of physical sensations, visualizations, and impulses in order to process and heal symptoms of trauma and other stress disorders that stem from any kind of trauma: car accidents, falls, sexual or other physical assault, emotional abuse, betrayal, grief, birth trauma, natural disasters, war, and many other events.

The energy of the body’s response to a traumatic event can become “stuck” in the body, continually causing various symptoms from emotional triggers, panic attacks, dysfunctional relationship patterns, anxiety, “jumpiness” and hypervigilance, and chronic “shutdown”/depression to other physical symptoms such as muscle tension, headaches, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, repetitive behaviors, and more.

Emotional Mindfulness Coaching

I have done research on emotions through the schools of psychology, philosophy, evolution, affective neuroscience, spirituality, culture, language, and stories/personal experience. Attending to our emotional wellness makes a huge impact on our lives, relationships, careers, creativity, studies, and physical health. Emotional Mindfulness coaching takes guided mindfulness exercises and combines that practice with education and self-compassion to help you become “friends” with all of your emotions.

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