Elmo Painter

Therapist, Healer, Life Artist

Session Offerings

You are already whole. Some parts may be stifled, muted, frozen, forgotten. Your creativity, personal power, inner knowing, and voice are within you. Whether they were shamed down, or had to be hidden for your safety, it is possible to find and access them again.


As a healer, I am passionate about helping people reach their inner voice and live their most creative life, and have courageous relationships with themselves and others. Through mindfulness and movement, helping survivors of trauma make peace with their bodies, process memories and release energy that is “stuck”, and causing repetitive behavioral, emotional, and relationship patterns, and reclaim their power. I provide space and opportunity for others to learn to live life from a place of internal evaluation so that each decision is made from a place of inner knowing, accessing intuition and engaging with life authentically and courageously.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a process that utilizes mindfulness and perception of physical sensations, visualizations, and impulses in order to process and heal symptoms of trauma and other stress disorders that stem from any kind of trauma: car accidents, falls, sexual or other physical assault, emotional abuse, betrayal, grief, birth trauma, natural disasters, war, and many other events.

The energy of the body’s response to a traumatic event can become “stuck” in the body, continually causing various symptoms from emotional triggers, panic attacks, dysfunctional relationship patterns, anxiety, “jumpiness” and hypervigilance, and chronic “shutdown”/depression to other physical symptoms such as muscle tension, headaches, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, repetitive behaviors, and more.

Somatic Experiencing® and Emotional Mindfulness are naturally integrated into everything I do.


I offer sessions for couples, friends, chosen families, non-monogamous/polyamorous relationships of all kinds, and creative and/or business partners. I can assist people with understanding, empathy, mediation, conflict management, negotiating boundaries, and trust-building, as well as emotional, sensual, and sexual intimacy – especially for survivors of trauma and their partners.

I am especially adept and competent with polyamorous/non-monogamous relationships, and love helping people who are curious about polyamory/non-monogamy, as well as people who have been poly for years, to find what specifically works for you, your relationships, and lifestyle. We don’t have many models of how to do this “right”, and I’m here to dispell the myths about what it is, what “counts” as polyamory, and to help couples, triads/throuples, polycules, and poly families negotiate boundaries and help your relationships thrive.

Kink Coaching

My strongest passion is to serve my fellow kinky folks. In 2004, I completed Cleo DuBois’ Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women, and spent years in practice and mentorship in the San Francisco BDSM community, as well as working as a Professional Dominatrix for 5 years. I warmly welcome people in BDSM-centered relationships from novices (those new or curious about kink) to people in 24/7, D/s dynamics.

I can:

  • Assist with identifying and moving through triggers in scenes, helping survivors of trauma reclaim their sensuality, power, and freedom.
  • Facilitate negotiations of scenes, play party boundaries, and 24/7, D/s contracts.
  • Brainstorm ideas about how to create and have the hottest scenes, explore, and PLAY!
  • Help to develop a spiritual connection to kink, body, pleasure, and sensual journeys.


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