Elmo Painter

Psychotherapist, Healer, Life Artist


People of all gender expressions are welcome to attend all of my classes.

Sensual Empowerment – Saturday, July 8th, 3-5pm, Vaudezilla Studios, $45

Outside of what many people think of as sexual, there is a whole Universe of sensual exploration: From breath, touch, energy exchange, to empathic experiences where we barely touch. The way we flirt, walk, talk, carry ourselves, and maintain eye contact can also carry our sensual power in every day situations. How do you own your sensuality? How do you embody it? This workshop will have guided visualizations, movement, body and emotional mindfulness, and other therapeutic elements. Elmo will present her research and work regarding the benefits of expanding our sensual and emotional comfort zones, and the potential impact on your emotional and interpersonal life.

Burlesque Therapy – The purpose of this class is to teach people to understand their emotional selves, with a focus on sensuality as a modality to personal and emotional empowerment. Skills taught in this class are meant to expand emotional and social comfort zones.

The first part of the class is an entertaining presentation discussing contemporary ideas about emotional science, neuroscience, links between emotion and memory, and how we can retrain our brains and nerves to think and feel differently. In order to understand our own emotional lives, it’s important to understand why we have these pesky feelings in the first place.

The second part of the class focuses on sensual movement, and how we carry our bodies in relation to how we feel about ourselves.
This section will also include two guided meditations, quick, simple ways to ground yourself, a self-compassion exercise, a guide to optimal sexuality, and, finally, a burlesque movement and seduction workshop. Burlesque posture and movement/attitude are incorporated to heighten humor as well as sensual empowerment. Masculine as well as feminine posture and movement will be explored. This class is open to ALL genders.

The Fire in Your Heart – This is a workshop intended to incorporate emotional courage into a spiritual practice. Through emotional expression and power, we can break through compulsive habits, become empowered in our relationships, and enrich our lives with a more complete spectrum of experiencing. The workshop includes a discussion of the evolutionary purpose of feelings, skills for expressing emotions, an intuition-building practice, and a ritual for “Sitting in the Fire” of difficult emotions.

Connecting the Dots -This workshop is taught in conjunction with local Health & Wellness Coach, April Marie Larson. Nourishing our emotional, mental, and spiritual selves is key to having the energy and drive to care for our physical selves. When we find ourselves in the same place, getting “stuck” in the same situations, and experiencing the same emotions, our patterns are being revealed. We discuss theories of the evolutionary history of emotions, including their purposes and functions, as well as the effect that culture, language, and personal experience have on our own emotional lives, how to use intuition as a tool for optimal decision-making, and how to listen to and differentiate emotions from behaviors.

We will also teach simple movement and lifestyle shifts, writing exercises, and techniques on how to express emotions in a healthy way, deepening our connections with ourselves and the people in our lives. Let’s feed our hearts!



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