Elmo Painter

Therapist, Healer, Life Artist

Group Coaching

Group Coaching 

I offer group coaching based on workshops that I’ve developed over the past 6 years. Each 6-week group theme is described below. Group coaching will have no more than 6 members (unless there is consensus to invite more) and meet via Zoom or Google Meet.

Cost is $200 in advance per 6-week session, or weekly payments of $40 per session (totals $240).

Caring for the Emotional Body

This group is intended to incorporate elements of Somatic Experiencing®, healing self-touch, body awareness, and radical acceptance. Self-compassion merges with emotional courage into a spiritual practice. Through emotional expression and power, we can break through compulsive habits, become empowered in our relationships, and enrich our lives with a more complete spectrum of experiencing. We will discuss the evolutionary purpose of feelings, skills for expressing emotions, an intuition-building practice, and a ritual for “Sitting in the Fire” of difficult emotions (hint: there is no forcing. We build on trust and safety in the body before touching into more difficult emotions).

Relationship Detox

Our relationships define us. The people we love and spend time with change us. They can grow us, inspiring us to become strong, responsible, free, and more of who we are. Sometimes they lend themselves to our spiritual, emotional, and personal stagnation or harm. In this group, we will discuss attachment styles, how to change yours if desired, assertive communication (not passive or aggressive), how to utilize your *inner bell* to read red flags, weed out stagnant or otherwise unhealthy relationships, and nourish those relationships that give us life.

Sensual Empowerment

Outside of what many people think of as sexual, there is a whole Universe of sensual exploration: From breath, touch, energy exchange, to empathic experiences where we barely touch. The way we flirt, walk, talk, carry ourselves, and maintain eye contact can also carry our sensual power in every day situations. How do you own your sensuality? How do you embody it? This group will have guided visualizations, movement, body and emotional mindfulness, and other therapeutic elements. Elmo will present her research and work regarding the benefits of expanding our sensual and emotional comfort zones, and the potential impact on your emotional and interpersonal life.

Shadow Femme: Braving the Depths of Dark Goddess and Personal Shadow Work

We witches embrace the dark. We are driven by our intuitive nature, by our personal power, and by the cycles of the Moon. Femininity exists in all of us, and its power is often subdued by cultural inclinations that champion masculine traits.This group will include brief introductions to several so-called “Dark” Goddesses, an exploration of the fear of feminine power (and therefore, witchcraft), and exercises in acquainting with our own personal shadow and power aspects.


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